Summer Beanie for Men and Women – Slouchy Lightweight Chemo Cotton Fashion Hat


NATURAL MATERIALS – Made with 100% Cotton PROTECTS YOUR SKIN ? This beanie has anti-allergen properties so it is friendly for those with sensitive skin and scalp. Cotton will not agitate your hair folicles so it is also safe for those who are suffering from hair loss ONE SIZE FITS MOST – So what are you waiting for? This beanie cap is made from long lasting cotton material that can be worn all year round and will literally last you a lifetime! Best fits head sizes of approximately 22 to 23.5 inches COMFORTABLE AND ALL SEASON – As our popular slouchy beanie is made from cotton it can be worn all year round! Summer, winter, autumn and spring – Cotton acts as an insulator for cold and hot days, and won’t stick to your skin during the summer heat BEANIE HAT MADE FROM 100% COTTON – This slouchy cap is made from 100% Cotton, which is kind to your hair and skin. It is particularly safe for sensitive skin or for those who are undergoing medical treatment for chemo therapy or suffering alopecia MADE IN SOUTH KOREA – We are always searching what the latest fashion trend is for women and men, and where else to begin than the highly fashionable Seoul? South Korea is always ahead of the game in creating unique designs and bringing life to something that has be run into the ground. We are happy to work with our fashionable South Korean friends who help us make beanies for men, women, adults, teens and anybody else!


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