gymboree baby blanket Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Unisex Classic Mickey Mouse Baby Blanket Disney Series- CreamCarbon



100% Polyester SOFT BLANKET FOR KIDS: This Mickey Mouse blanket isn??t only cozy and adorable, it??s also machine washable. Whether your child wants to carry it with them to the grocery store or use it during naps to stay warm, this fuzzy blanket is easily cleaned in a washing machine. Babies, toddlers, and children love the feel of this luxury blanket. VINTAGE JACQUARD KNIT FABRIC: Our CozyChic blankets are made with 100% polyester, which ensures the fabric stays soft even after being washed. At 30?? x 32??, the blanket is the perfect size that isn??t too large to carry on the go and fits well in little hands. The vintage Mickey pattern is timeless to ensure this blanket can be passed down for generations. COZY AND KNITTED: Is your child, grandchild, or another little one a Disney fan? If so, they??re sure to love this carbon and cream blanket. Our Disney Collection is great for kids who love watching Disney movies and taking Disney vacations. Why not keep a piece of Disney near them when they sleep at night? KEEPS SWADDLED BABIES WARM: This classic Mickey Mouse design is also functional. It??s great for swaddling babies, especially on cooler nights. It??s also sure to give your toddler comfort when they falls asleep in his crib or toddler bed. The luxury yarn used to knit this blanket will keep kids warm all night long. WORKS WELL INDOORS OR OUTDOORS: Take this collectible blanket with you to daycare, the park, a picnic, or even the beach. It??s great for travel and will keep kids cozy on a car, plane, or boat. Its thick, knitted texture made with feather yarn will have your children settling down for a nap in no time.?See more product details


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